Alice Engström


Alice has been drawing since she could hold a pen but got in to the amazing world of manga and anime when she saw my neighbor Totoro on tv as a kid.
Alice is mostly known for her popular How to draw shoujo course in the swedish manga magazine Shojo Stars. She is also the creator of the ongoing strip manga Innekatterna for the magazine Kattliv since 2008, and the official Silver Fang DVD-covers in Sweden and Finland. For the moment Alice is working on her first autobiographic manga August in June to be released by Galago in 2012, and a upcoming online manga about a girl who wants to become a famous blogger no matter what together with the the columnist and blog-profile Leone Milton. Alice has through the years been published in Sydsvenskan, Shojo Stars, Manga Mania, Manganackan, Bild & Bubbla, Metro and Kattliv to mention some.

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