Elise Rosberg

chibi-elise-grey2Elise Rosberg is an illustrator, comic artist, teacher and publisher, who is currently teaching manga at Malmö Kulturskola’s evening courses for children and young adults. She has attended two years of Malmö Comic school, as well as having been living two years in Japan – Osaka and Tokyo respectively. She is currently studying at Lund’s University to work with publishing, and has previously owned Wasabi Press where she arranged the manga contest “Klara, färdiga, Manga!” which became a fully sponsor-funded anthology book. Elise has been published in Swedish Comic Sin 2 & 3, Altcom 2010, Bild och bubbla, Shojo Stars, Mangatalangen 2007, Serier mot rasism, Kvarnby serier, and she is currently the editor of the anthology books Freya and Frey where she has also published comics. She also won first prize in Bonnier Carlsen’s contest Mangatalangen 2007 with her comic about Näcken.


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