Magnolia Winroth

I studied comic art at Serieskolan (Comic Art School) in Malmö 2016-2017. At the end of the last semester I became a member of Nosebleed Studio and participated in my first anthology Nosebleed Studio reser i den svenska historien with Lailas resa about Finnish War Children.

During 2016-2017 at the Comic Art School I started my webcomic project ParaZycle, a horror/thriller comic. The webcomic is still ongoing and available to read online. In summer 2017 it was also published continuously in the Brittish magazine NEO.

In 2018, I and my colleagues Natalia Batista and Elise Rosberg wrote the book Nosebleed Studio lär dig teckna manga! – Serieskapande. It has illustrations by everyone in the studio, and will be released at the end of July, 2018.

Starting this fall 2018, I will together with Natalia and Elise be teaching manga at the Swedish distance course Mangaskolan. The course focuses on technique in manga and storytelling. In one semester the students will create their own complete comics through help and support by us as mentors.

Being a webcomic artist I’m quite active online and I share a lot of my sketches and work on my Instagram Toffuo, which I often use as a pen name.