Natalia Batista

I studied comic art at Serieskolan (Comic Art School) in Malmö 2005-2007.
Got my first published comic Lova in Okej magazine (a Swedish music magazine for teens) in 2006-2007.

During my time at Serieskolan, my comics Prinsessan och fröken Näktergal (The Princess and Miss Nightingale) and Synth Master J got among the 10 finalists in the Swedish manga competition Mangatalangen 2006 and 2007.
At that time, I also worked as a comic art teacher at libraries, art galleries and schools, and also as the teacher for the summer course at Serieskolan in Malmö 2007-2009.

In spring 2009 I self publiched my own manga book A Song For Elise and sold it at fairs and conventions in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It was a great lesson in book production!
I also worked as comic art teacher at the course Klimatserier! (Climate comics) in Malmö, while working on the comic magazine Klimatpimpa din livsstil (Climate pimp your lifestyle), a commission by the Enviromental Department of Malmö City. It got published in January 2010 and spread in 4000 copies to Malmö’s schools and their pupils.

In spring 2010, my childrens manga Mjau! got published by Kabusa Böcker. It is a 4-book series about two kittens (portrayed as children) playing around, going on picnic, hunting ghosts and getting new friends. I finally debuted in the Swedish comic scene, and as one of few manga artist, which is both fun and a bit sad.

In fall 2010, my manga “A Song For Elise” got translated into German and published by Tokyopop, under the title Ein Lied für Elise.
At that time I was illustrating the Swedish children books series Häxfolket by Jo Salmson, published by Bonnier Carlsen. First of four books is out in March 2011. Very interesting and learning experience!

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  • Jag älskar alla dina teckningar och det du också lärde mig på närcon i sommras, vet inte om du kommer ihåg mig doc men jag var ichigo från tokyo mew mew om det vecker några minnen jag var typ rosa från top till tå xD
    Du fick mig att börja och jobbahårdare med min manga som jag började sedan att utveckla mera vilket jag fortfarande försöker. Jag går nu också på serieteckning och illustration och tar in det bästa och mästa jag kan för att lära mig mera jag kämpar förr att få min första manga publicerad jag jobbar fortfarande med detaljerna i serien men stöter på lite hinder men jag strävar mot mitt mål. Behöver doc hjälp fortfarande eftersom att jag fortfarande är bara 16 år men jag blir nog bättre med tiden :3
    Nosebleedstudio äger!!!! :3

    MVH Mathilda

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