Elise Rosberg

Ongoing Projects

Little Bird

Little Bird

A princess is kidnapped when she’s young, and is raised in solitude in her tower, never allowed to leave. One day, she gets the chance to exact her revenge…


Past Projects



Two men are in love in the late 19th century. Their relationship is forbidden by law, if they’re discovered, they could be severely punished…

Published in Frey – A romantic comic collection in 2016, avaliable in the Shop.


A human girl and a mermaid have been friend since they were both small. Now, as adults, they’re starting to develop feelings for each other, but does that mean the mermaid has to give up her soul for them to be able to be together…?

Published in Freya – Sequential love stories in 2015, avaliable in the Shop.



Short fanzine about your toiletries coming alive during the night when you sleep!

Short fanzine, 2014.

Love is blind

Love is blind

The love story between a blind man and his boyfriend.

Published in the anthology Guys in 2012.

Spider's webSpider’s web

In the 1920’s, a man serenades his ex boyfriend when said lover marries a woman.

Published in Swedish Comic Sin 3 in 2012, avaliable in the Shop.


A short story about how humans are.

Published inComics against racism in 2010.

You're not abnormalYou’re not abnormal

A girl meets a cool guy at a party.

Published in Swedish Comic Sin 2 in 2011, avaliable in the Shop.

Nordens förtrollande melodiScandinavia’s enchanting melody

A comic about the Swedish legend of the water nymph Näcken, who enchants children to drown in his rivers with his beautiful violin. But, that’s all just a big misunderstanding, cause he’s really terrified of children!

Winner of Bonnier Carlsen’s manga contest 2007 and subsequently published in Mangatalangen in 2007.

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