Magnolia Winroth

Ongoing Projects


ParaZycle is a 18+ rated horror/thriller webcomic. It’s ongoing and updates weekly.

Story: Humanity is rotting. Literally. The human lifespan is 30 years due to a genetic disease that decomposes internal organs. A young boy buys lungs on the black market for his dying mother and under the agreement he must fight for his own flesh and blood. But not like he imagined. The massacre escalates into supernatural horrors. Suddenly the rotting and violence aren’t as frightening as what he learned is called a Wendigo. A spirit associated with cannibalism, murder, and insatiable greed.


Past Projects

Lailas resa

Short story about two kids’ journey from Finland to Sweden during the WW2. Published in our anthology Nosebleed Studio reser i den svenska historien.