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Sword Princess Amaltea

(2013, English) by Natalia Batista, 190+ pages (online webcomic)

In a fairytale world where Queens rule and magic is power, a young princess is sent on the biggest quest of her life – to rescue a prince in need! But when she does, the prince is not so willing after all…

This epic gender-flipped adventure fantasy manga is created by the Swedish artist Natalia Batista. It is published in Sweden by Kolik Förlag since Fall 2013, and in the Italian online manga magazine Doraetos Manga.

Read it here:


Cover ToiletriesThe Adventures of the Toiletries

(2015, English) by Elise Rosberg, 5 pages

What do you think happens in your bathroom while you sleep at night? What if your toiletries actually come alive?

Read it here: [book id=’15’ /] (pop-up)

A Sword Princess Tale

(2012, English) by Natalia Batista, 14 pages (only part of the fanzine)

In a fairytale land ruled by Queens, Princess Amalthea is sent out by her mother to find a prince to rescue and marry. Reluctantly the childish and self-centered 17-year old Amalthea does as she’s told, but ends up saving Prince Ossian who doesn’t want to be saved. And so their journey begins, in a land not as simple as the both of them think…

Read it here: [book id=’9′ /] (pop-up)

Circus Romantique

(2011, English) by Natalia Batista, 12 pages

Karin works as the clown at a circus with her monkey pet Monki-chan. But is that all that she is? A clown, ment to make people laught? Maybe she can be something cool instead, like the trapeze boy Jon or the aerial artist Bella…

Read it here: [book id=’10’ /] (pop-up)

Another After

(2011, English) by Joakim Waller, 28 pages        

A young boy has to face his greatest fear in a battle for a last chance to change fate.

Read it here: [book id=’8′ /] (pop-up)

Titti by Catarina BatistaTitti

(2010, Swedish) by Catarina Batista, 1 page

A short-comic for a school assignment telling the story about the day my family dog died.

Read it here: Titti (pop-up)

Overnight Trainstation by Joakim WallerOvernight Trainstation

(2010, English) by Joakim Waller, 20 pages

Remake of the 2007 comic: I Väntan På Tåget Mot Kokojone.

Read it here: [book id=’7′ /] (pop-up)

Lake Shore Love by Catarina BatistaLake Shore Love

(2010, Swedish) by Catarina Batista, 1 page

Lovey dovey feelings by a quiet lake. Published in the Swedish manga magazine Shojo Stars in 2010.

Read it here:[book id=’13’ /](pop-up)

Gigatron by Joakim WallerGigatron

(2010, English) by Joakim Waller, 25 pages

The strange happenings always surrounding the otherwise normal high school girl Rin takes a turn for the worse when she falls asleep after reading a comic book of some rather destructive content. Her friend Daniel gets in real trouble when he have to face Rins dream as it turns into reality.

Read it here: [book id=’6′ /] (pop-up)



(2009, English) by Natalia Batista, 14 pages

Two teens meet at the Eve of Walpurgis, a Swedish holiday. An evening of “burning in the Summer”. An evening of starting something new…

Read it here: [book id=’16’ /] (pop-up)

Rebels of the Foo by Alice EngströmRebels of the Foo

(2009-2010, English) by Alice Engström, 15 pages

My first attempt to action-shoujo. Rebels of the Foo is a story about revenge.
To Purchase the complete manga send a personal mail to Alice Engström.

Read it here:[book id=’11’ /](pop-up)

Teckna Shoujo by Alice EngströmTeckna Shoujo

(2009, Swedish) by Alice Engström, 20 pages

A how-to-draw course in 5 parts originally published in the swedish manga magazine Shojo Stars 2009.

Read it here:[book id=’12’ /](pop-up)

Yum Yum Food Fight by Natalia BatistaYum Yum Food Fight

(2007, English) by Natalia Batista, 15 pages

Got in the selection of initial screening in the Japanese Kodansha 2nd Morning International Manga Competition. Got an hororable mention in the Swedish childrens comic competition I Seriernas Värld 2007. When the new and fresh Japanese sushi enters the fridge, the Swedish meetballs is forgotten. This spurs hate and rage among the meetballs. But little Meatie is not sure, are the sushis really that bad? Made on the theme “East meets West”.

Read it here:[book id=’4′ /](pop-up)

Like A Tree

(2007, English) by Natalia Batista, 7 pages

What is love? And how does one build a perfect relationship? A couple discuss love after watching a romantic movie.
Published as a webcomic.

Read it here: [book id=’3′ /] (pop-up)

Snow Storm

(2006, English) by Natalia Batista, 3 pages

A wordless story in a dream land where things are not what they seem.

Read it here: [book id='1' /] (pop-up)

Let the Flowers Speak

(2006, English) by Natalia Batista, 5 pages

A young girl seeks help from Sandor, the owner of a flower shop and knowledged in the language of the flowers.
Published in Serieskolans Serieskolans year book 2007

Read it here: [book id='2' /] (pop-up)


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