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Cold – The Creature 1

ISBN 9789198791129
Language: Swedish
Pages: 172
Released: 2023-01-31
Age: 7 years up

COLD – The creature is an action loaded survival adventure where Sami and his friends needs to protect themselves from massive snowstorms and ice monsters that dominate the world.

After a climate catastrophe, the world has turned into a ice cold place. Few people have survived and fled into the cities, surrounded by huge walls. Every night they figth the dangerous ice monsters, Glajes. Young Sami lives in one of these cities and his dream is to one day become a nights watch to protect the city. But one day, he gets attacked and his body starts to change into a creature, half human, half monster …

Ban Zarbo is a manga artst from Switzerland. Between 2017-2019, she got published by Tokyopop with her manga Kamo, has whon prizes in Germany and got published in the USA. She has since 2019 been working with the German publisher Altraverse on her manga Cold – The Creature. 

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