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GG – Livet är ett dataspel, lvl 2

ISBN 9789198562040
Language: Swedish
Pages: 116
Released: 2022-01-30
Age: 8 years up

GG – Life is a videogame is an Italian manga written by Giacomo Masi and drawn by Ilaria Gelli. A youthful comic about gamer girls, drawn with a colorful manga artstyle. This is the second of three books.

In this second volume, the girls needs to save their world before the game takes over completely – but everyone’s not on board with the plan. Because not only the world but also their bodies are changing, to their cool game characters. Self confidence that was lacking as gamer nerds are now blooming as they are becoming popular in their new world. Hubris and disagreement risks breaking the group apart. Will they be able to stick together?

Giacomo Masi is an Italian script writer who begun his career in the film and ads business. Today, he works as a scripts writer for the Italian publishing house TataiLab and as a Creative Director at the game company Leonardo Production, that has made the award winning visual novel game Dry Drowning.

Ilaria Gelli is an Italian illustrator and comic artist who has worked as a teacher at the European Manga Academy and done marketing artwork for the companies Pentel and Copic. In 2015, she did character design for the documentary Fukushima; A Nuclear Story. Since 2016, she works as an artist for TataiLab.

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