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Nosebleed Studio reser i den svenska historien

ISBN 9789198445787 (soft cover)
ISBN 9789197960465 (hard cover)
Language: Swedish
Pages: 112
Released: 2017-08-01
Age: 8 years up

Nosebleed Studio reser i den svenska historien is a manga anthology with three short stories on the theme of “travelling through history”. The comics are all based on historical research in a variety of ways.

Mangas included in this anthology:

Häxan by Joakim Waller
Sofia is a normal girl, who is timetravelled back to a witch trial in the 1700 Sweden.

Adjö Sverige by Natalia Batista
In the end of the 19th Century, as many as 1.5 million Sweedes emigrated to America. This story follows one of them, Selma Ankerberg.

Lailas resa by Magnolia Winroth
To escape the second world war, the young Laila and Ekkie travel to Sweden from Finland, like many other Finish children had to do all alone.

books in this series:

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