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Phantomland 1

ISBN 9789198562057
Language: Swedish
Pages: 204
Released: 2022-09-01
Age: 9 years up

Phantomland is a comic by the Finnish manga artist Maaria Laurinen. Recently dead Chie wakes up in a city where they hire ghosts to fight crime!

Welcome to Cypress! A law enforcement organization that hires the dead to fight crime. Chie recently passed away and will be trained by the most evil veteran in Cypress, on! Everything she does is wrong but at least she is the most polite one in this unfitting duo. Jon has a short temper and becomes enemies with everyone. Maybe Chie can make him open up? But Jon is only focused on doing his job, not making any friends.

Maaria Laurinen is a Finnish artist with background as a graphic designer and animator for games. Since she discovered manga in her teens, he has been inspired to make her own stories.

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