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The Secret of Scarecrow 1

ISBN 9789198562064
Language: Swedish
Pages: 172
Released: 2022-09-01
Age: 9 years up

The Secret of Scarecrow is a manga made by the Swiss manga artist Gin Zarbo. An action packed mystery about crow-like monsters that hunt humans and needs to be stopped!

“For a long time, our land has been plagued by the carnivore beasts called Crows. It is said that the only ones who can save us is the elite unit Scarecrows. Today, that elite unit is just a myth and a desperate wish by us who live under the constant threat of these beasts. But Princess Engell is convinced that Scarecrows exist. So she leaves the protection of her Kingdom to travel out into the dangerous world in hope of finding a real Scarecrow that can save us!”

Gin Zarbo is a manga artst from Switzerland. Between 2017-2019, she got published by Tokyopop with her manga Undead Messiah, which ended up among the top 10 in Germany’s national manga publications and also got published in the USA. She has since 2019 been working with the German publisher Altraverse on her manga The Secret of Scarecrow. 

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