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Sword Princess Amaltea

ISBN 9789198445763
Language: Swedish
Pages: 592
Released: 2019-12-01
Age: 9 years up

In a world where the Queens rule with the power of magic, Princess Amaltea is sent out to rescue a prince from a dragon to marry him. This gender-flipped fairy tale uses humour and adventure to challenge how we view gender norms.

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Amaltea. She lived in a world where the Queens ruled with the power of magic and the princesses rescued the princes. Amaltea is sent out on the biggest quest of her life; to rescue a prince in need and marry him to inherit his mother’s Queendom. But the prince she rescues, Ossian of the Grey Mountains, doesn’t want to marry her…

Their journey to his mother’s land is long and paved with challenges. Bandit broads, an enchanted spring and a dragon riding witch will test their relationship. Will the find their place in this unjust, matriarchal world where the women rule the men.

This book collects the whole trilogy about Amaltea and Ossian, a tale that with humour and adventure challenge how we see genders and norms in our society.

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