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Lär dig teckna manga! — Karaktärsdesign

ISBN 9789198562033 (nyutgåva)
Language: Swedish
Pages: 196
Released: 2021-08-01
Age: 6 years up

This creative and richly illustrated guide book teaches the reader how to create fun and unique manga characters in an inclusive and pedagogic way – now in a new edition with 52 new pages!.

The five manga artists of Nosebleed Studio guides you with this book in the art of drawing manga in a pedagogic and inclusive way.

The book begins with the basics in how to draw faces, eyes, hair, bodies, clothing and continue on with how to portray movement, facial expressions and interactions with other characters. Focusing on a variety of body shapes, gender identities and ethnicities, the reader learns the tricks of how to make a unique character with a personality. After every chapter, there is an assignment, which makes the book perfect as a tool for teaching manga in schools aswell as studing with friends or privately.

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