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Uriah 1

ISBN 9789198791112
Language: Swedish
Pages: 192
Released: 2023-03-22
Age: 15 years up

Uriah is a psychological thriller manga, first published on the webcomic platform WEBTOON Originals in English and Spanish with over 600 000 subscribers worldwide.


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“A boy wakes up in an abanoned car on the prion island Vildhamn. He has no memory of who he is and what he’s doing there. The only clue is that his right hand is covered with bitemarks and loses a thumb. In this story, our survivor is not haunted by demons or ghosts, but by escaping prison inmates and other terrors. There’s only one goal – to leave this island alive!”

This book collects the first part of the super popular webcomic and is the first volume in a series.

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