Catarina Batista

Ongoing Projects

Currently working on her portfolio for game art.



Past Projects

Love At First Bite

Moa is just as regular as any teenage girl, except she has a secret – she’s a vampire! Her boyfriend John knows, and keeps her secret dear, but what he doesn’t know about is the curse that have been in her family for generations…

Made for Nosebleed Studio Anthology – Seaside Stories in 2012, avaliable in the Shop.

A Helping Paw

Ville is a small kitten, but even small kittens like adventures. It gets a little scary though, when you fall out of the window…!
Based on the Swedish manga Mjau!, made by Natalia Batista.

Made for Nosebleed Studio’s 5 Years Jubilee Anthology in 2011, avaliable in the Shop.

A M Gundown

Short story manga about the tough cowgirl Ana May, on a hunt for a rampid beast. Loaded with action!

Made for Nosebleed Studio’s 5 Years Jubilee Anthology in 2011, avaliable in the Shop.

Handlar för kärlek

Short story manga about a girl with a crush on the cashier at a local supermarket, and have to go shopping to meet him. The swedish title means “Shopping for love”.

Made for Nosebleed Studio’s Shojo fanzine in 2009, avaliable in the Shop. (Swedish only)

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