Our fresh homepage is up and running!

Our fresh homepage is up and running!

Hello and welcome to our awesome new homepage! Cool

Nosebleed Studio is a Swedish manga studio with four members, for more information about the studio and it’s members check out the About page
We have for several months been working very hard on this new design for our homepage and tried to make it fun and professional at the same time. Feel free to roam around and please have a look in our brand new shop with all our products (and more to come!).

2012 has been an exciting year for us in Nosebleed Studio. We started out with the annual Small Press Expo 26th-29th of April, in Stockholm. Even though they changed the name from SPX to SIS (Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (Stockholms International Comics Festival)) the festival in itself is still the same.

The 5th-6th of May we attended the small and cozy manga convention Kodachicon in Lund.

The 15th-17th of June we attended Swedens biggest manga convention Uppcon12 (unfortunately this was the last Uppcon ever…) which was a blast!
The last Swedish convention we attended this year was Närcon on the 26th-29th of July, and it was super fun!
On all of these conventions we have held one or more of our much appreciated events, such as: the Yaoi lecture by Natalia Batista, Chibi Manga Workshop by Catarina Batista, A Swedish Mangaka in Japan by Natalia Batista and the Drawing Battle which involves all four of our members.

Last but not least we got a happy surprise when we were officially invited to Lithuanias biggest Japanese culture festival NowJapan on the 18th-19th of August. Everyone was super friendly and it was very interesting to see the manga culture in another European country.

Make sure to stop by our homepage for future updates!

See ya! (^__^)_v

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