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Nosebleed Studio's 10 Years Jubilee Anthology

ISBN 9789197960441
Language: English
Pages: 188
Released: 2016-04-01
Age: 8 years up

This manga anthology contains five short stories on the theme of friendship, to celebrate the 10 years the studio have had together!


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Mangas included in this anthology:

Songs From a Graduate by Alice Engström
17 year old Ida meets a friendly strange boy when she is abanoned on a bench at her boyfriend’s graduation.

Gravity by Catarina Batista
Samsam and Klara have been friends for very long, but Samsam’s secret might tear them apart…

Sea Girl by Joakim Waller
One morning when Sasha is out biking, she meets Aziah, a strange and mysterious girl with long hair.

When I Close My Eyes by Natalia Batista
Lo is 11 years old and from Sweden. That’s all Lo knows, because every time they shut their eyes, things change. 

Hilda by Catarina Batista
Hilda is an everyday cat, going to school like all the other animals. But when the poodle Smila’s birthday party is coming up, Hilda is not even invited!

books in this series:

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