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Nosebleed Studios stora mangasamling

ISBN 9789197960434
Language: Swedish
Pages: 454
Released: 2015-01-01
Age: 8 years up

Nosebleed Studio is Sweden’s most prominent and productive manga artist collective. This is the complete collection of short stories made by the members between 2011-2014.

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Mangas included in this anthology, within a variety of genres such as action, adventure, drama, romance, comedy and horror:

By Catarina Batista: Ropa varg | Kärlek vid första bettet | En hjälpande tass | A-M. Gundown | Mia min Mia 

By Alice Engström: Kattliv | Dog Project | Seaside

By Joakim Waller: Ocean Stars | Penguin Revolution | Leo | Guide till svenska ord

By Natalia Batista: Kapten Kanin | Stygg vovve! | Circus Romantique | En vän på kroken | Guide till svenska ord | Midsommarhjärtan

books in this series:

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