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Talli – Månens dotter, bok 2

ISBN 9789198562095
Language: Swedish
Pages: 168
Released: 2021-08-01
Age: 8 years up

Talli – Daughter of the moon is a manga made by the French artist Sourya. An exciting adventure with inspiration from Japanese manga, European Middle-ages and supernatural fairy tales.

Talli seeks the answer to her heritage: the lost people called the Invocatresses. She’s on the run with the knight Alan and their new friends. The group gets attacked by magical wolves that threaten Talli  with the return of the King of the Forest. Who is this king? One thing is for certain, their journey will only get more dangerous.

Sourya grew up in Laos, and moved to France at the age of 15. He’s always been passionate about drawing, and was heavily influenced by mangas in his teenage years. He studied animation at LISAA in Paris and EMCA in Angoulême, where he crafted his drawing skills and storytelling sense. Ankama Editions in France signed Sourya to work on his first comic book project called Rouge. After working a few years with Ankama Editions, Sourya signed his first manga in 2018, Talli – Daughter of the moon.

The release of Talli – Daughter of the moon in Swedish is financially supported by the Swedish Culture Council.

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